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"It’s a very interesting relationship that evolved as we shot this movie. It’s about immortality as well. Thranduil’s heartbroken because of things that have happened in the past that makes this relationship very complicated. It’s very hard. It’s a movie very much about fathers and sons–there’s that storyline throughout the movie. Thranduil’s father was killed in a battle that Thranduil fought in. And Legolas’s mother is not here. So there’s that loss, too. There’s definitely a difference of opinion between this father and son. Thranduil wants to stay close to his fortress gates and protect his people, and stay in this wild forest forever. He sees another war ahead but is cautious to participate because he knows the toll death can take on those left behind.  But we know Thranduil will eventually send Legolas out into an even bigger world on The Lord of the Rings journey."

Lee Pace on Thranduil/Legolas


so i had a really big scare with our dog this morning. he was having a hard time breathing and he looked like he was ready to go out any minute so i rushed him to the vet and i was really dreading the news that he’ll die (he’s 9 years old and idk i was always expecting that this’ll be his last year yes i’m terrible). as it turns out he just has a bad case of heart worms — curable, but the meds are p expensive and i guess i just got really frustrated at the vet’s bec i was alone. but now i’m home, put the old geezer to sleep, and drew this jean for my heart.

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